About Us

Hi, I am Asha.  The name can be found from East to West and is there in most of the languages with a similar meaning “the emotions of happiness and hope in life”.

A Canadian mother of three kids, a working professional as a software developer, pursuing arts and crafts as hobby, along with painting as a passion, never been surprised to see herself starting "myEKOSI - Canada’s online Home Décor and Gift Shop" along with husband’s support. Motto of myEKOSI is Happy and Healthy Canadian Homes. We offer a variety of artisan’s creativity across the globe to Canadian homes and offices. We believe, home decors which could be a small change in our homes or offices would positively reflect on our days! At EKOSI every product is carefully analyzed, created, and ethically sourced for my friends and family. When we hand over a package to you, you are partnering with us.

If you have any feed back for our improvement or need any information on our products please email me  - info@myekosi.ca

Yours Sincerely

Asha Joseph